Become your dog's natural wellness advocate 


Your dog in perfect health​!

Our dogs are part of the family, they deserve the best! I specialized in the natural prevention and preservation of dog's  health after realizing how much they are exposed to chemicals. For 4 years, my mission has been to accompany you to offer the best possible lifestyle to your dog and keep him as long as possible by your side.


Using my natural and holistic approach, you will see your dog regain his vitality, he will be in better health and will need fewer veterinary visits. You will also build a new relationship with him, respecting his personality and his natural rhythm.


Through my online courses as well as my wellness and nutrition consultations, you will learn to pamper your dog naturally.  Get rid of chemicals and become the champion of your dog's natural health!





MY Services

To help you become your dog's natural health advocate.

I am specialized in natural wellness, nutrition, medicinal plants, essential oils, and bodywork.  I offer you my expertise through online courses, distance consultations (Zoom) and group training classes.

With online courses you will learn how to:

  • feed your dog better 

  • apply essential oils

  • use herbal remedies

  • relieve pain and stress

  • have a chemical-free home

  • but also courses in tricks and training

You can consult with me for:

  • raw meal creation for your dog

  • implementing chemical free solutions

  • finding training or behavior solutions

Tailor-made offers:

  • creation of a plan specific to you

  • mix of multiple services

  • setting up a training class


"The first wealth is health."

Ralph Waldo Emerson