Who am I?

Hi, my name is Corine...


Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to taking care of your dog using the least amount of chemicals possible?  Do you feel like there’s not enough support for you in regards to taking care of your dog naturally?


I felt the same way and I want to help you.


After my 4 year old dog, Fern, got lymphoma after a vaccination, I started researching why it happened and what I found was that for the past 20 years I had actually been exposing my dogs to so many chemicals and dangers and I had no idea!  I was shocked with what I found and I decided this couldn’t continue, I wasn’t willing to say goodbye to my dogs when they were still in the prime of their youth!


I looked everywhere but found that information on how to take care of my dog naturally, how to make sure they stayed healthy, was either hard to come by or scattered all over the place.


So I started taking courses, learning as much as I could, in order to help my dogs.  And I continue to find more techniques and continue learning to this day.


I want to help you learn as much as possible as well.  


I will share with you all the tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the years, but I also want to offer you more in-depth tools in order for you to become your dog’s wellness advocate.


If you can learn how to read your dog and put things in place BEFORE your dog gets sick, then you can keep your dog healthier, he can live longer, and you can significantly decrease your vet bills.  

​We need to look at the dog as a whole, not as unconnected parts.  If we take the approach of preventative therapy, we can find imbalances and correct them before they become disease.


Through mini-courses and larger modules which include one on one interaction with me, depending on how much you want to learn and what areas interest you, I will take you through all the steps to learn how to “ask” your dog what is bothering him, and learn how to hear what he is telling you.  These classes range from self-selection using essential oils to hands on deep pressure techniques to release pain and stress, as well as herbal remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.


As I learn and get certified in other, complementary techniques, I will share them with you so that you can continue on your learning journey.


I don’t want you to go through what I went through with my Fern and I will do everything I can to help you keep your dog healthy and live a very long, full life.


This is my promise to you.


Since I was young I have always been surrounded by dogs. Being an only child and an introvert, I was naturally drawn to them and they became family to me.  It was obvious to me that I would work with them my entire life. After getting my bachelors degree in animal science, I continued for over twenty years to educate myself in everything related to the canine world, whether it was anatomy, physiology, training, natural well-being, nutrition, sports, tricks or physical rehabilitation.


If it's related to dogs, I want to learn about it!

To date, I have taken courses and been certified in canine nutrition, natural canine well-being, canine herbalism, essential oils for animals, tricks training, 100% positive dog training, specializing in education through games,as well as proprioception/fitness for sports preparation, rehabilitation after injury, or maintenance in good physical condition, and am also training in whole energy body balance and traditional Chinese medicine techniques.  I will continue to learn and enrich my knowledge as the years pass.


Bachelors Degree in Animal Science - UC Davis

Pro Dog Trainer - Absolute Dogs

Animal PsychAromatica Certification- Nayana Morag (in progress)

Whole Energy Body Balance - Dr. Bassingthwaighte (in progress)

Somatic Relaxation Technique-Dr. Bassingthwaighte

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist - DNMUniversity

Pet Food Nutrition Specialist - DNMUniversity

Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist - DNMUniversity

Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist - DNMUniversity

Acute Canine Homeopathy Specialist - DNMUniversity

Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach - DMWYD (in progress)

Certified Trick Dog Instructor -DMWYD Canine Nutrition - The Possible Canine

Canine Practical Herbalism - The Possible Canine

Complete Canine Wellness - Dr. Isla Fishburn

Tricks Training - Sylvia Trkman

Tricks Training - Emily Larlham

Certified Dog Trainer Behaviour Therapist - CCS

Aging Dogs- FDSA

Various classes - Ethology Insititue

Various classes - Grisha Stewart

Various classes - KPA

Various classes - Susan Garrett

Various classes - SOCS