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increase the health and wellness of your dog

"Nature itself is the best physician" 


Which option to choose?

You want to make the best choice for your beloved dog, but don't know which option to choose. I'm here to guide you.

If you want to learn how to take care of your dog naturally, if you want to improve your relationship with your dog or if you want to teach your dog tricks, at your own pace, in your home, with simple, easy to follow classes that you have access to for life, you should choose the online courses.


If you don't know where to start, are seeking tailored nutrition or wellness advice, or want specific information for your dog, then choose the distance consultation.


If you want online courses made specifically for you and your dog, you need long-term follow-up for a complex case with regular interaction, or if you are looking to set up a weekend training class in your dog club, then choose the made to order package.

Online Courses

Learn in the comfort of your own home, when the time is right for you.

I offer courses that cover many different areas of natural wellness.  You can learn how to use essential oils through self-selection, learn how to offer hands-on therapy to your dog to release pain and stress, as well as learn about Chinese Traditional Medicine and herbal remedies. 


I also offer courses based on concept training through games to help strengthen your relationship with your dog and deal with issues like over-excitability and lack of recall.  You can also learn fun tricks to play with your dog. 

New courses will be added on a regular basis so check back often.

Click below to go to my online school to see all the current courses offered as well as pricing.



I offer canine wellness consultations, where I offer natural pest control options for your dog and for the home as well as dietary supplements for a healthy, chemical-free dog.  I also offer nutrition consultations to create healthy balanced raw meals made especially for the health and metabolic state of your dog.


Wellness consultation: 100€  (natural options against parasites, natural food supplements)

Nutrition consultation: 250€ (includes two complete raw food menus for your dog, based on the specific metabolic, dietary, health and life stage requirements of your dog.)

Click on the link below to make an appointment.

Made to Order Packages

These are packages for more complex issues or longer-term plans.

They all include one or more in-person or video consultations, online classes for your specific needs, as well as regular email communication.

These packages are ideal for multiple, complex issues, in-depth plan creation, or issues that require longer follow-up and regular check-ins.

Each plan is created with you and your individual dog in mind and no two are identical.  These are truly made to order for your specific situation.  


Price varies depending on the complexity, number of sessions, and specifics of your situation, but start at 100€.


Click on the link below to get in touch.


Because I want to help as much as I can, each time I sell 5 courses or consultations, or a combination of the two, I will give the equivalent of the cost of the course or consultation to Refuge Capucine de Cazères. In addition, for every 10 sales, I'll offer a free animal psycharomatica session to the same shelter.

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